MENARDS® Premium

Crabgrass Preventer with Lawn Food 26-0-3



• Contains Crab-Buster® herbicide that controls
  crabgrass and many other listed annual grasses

  and broadleaf weeds

• Prevents crabgrass & fertilizes in one application

• Contains controlled-release nitrogen for consistent 

• Can be applied up to 4 weeks later than other

  pre-emergence crabgrass preventers



• Controls crabgrass and suppresses weeds (listed weeds)
  prior to germination

• One application prevents crabgrass and feeds your lawn
  for over two months

• Potash helps reduce stress caused by disease, drought
  conditions, and increase root development


When to Apply:

Apply in early spring. Application #1 of the Menards Premium Lawn Care Program for a thick, green lush lawn. Do not apply grass seed for reseeding for 10 weeks after your last application of Crabgrass Preventer.


How to Apply:

Apply when grass is dry.  Follow the recommended setting for your spreader that is listed on the back of each bag. 
If your spreader is not listed check the spreader settings section of our website. Refer to package label for complete Directions For Use.



17#  260-1590