Menards® Premium Lawn Food 30-0-3 is a uniquely-blended fertilizer that utilizes proven controlled-release technology to give your lawn a healthy, long-lasting deep green.  Upon application, nitrogen is released into the soil and will continue to feed your lawn slowly and gently for over two months.  In addition, this product will help
improve color and density, aid in disease and stress resistance, and promote an overall healthier lawn.


Good cultural practices such as routine mowing and watering will also aid in the health and appearance of your lawn.



• Designed to meet the demands of most turfgrasses
   under a broad range of soil types and conditions

• Iron for a faster, richer, deeper green.

• Formulated to prevent surge growth and burning.


When to Apply:

• Apply June through September or anytime.

• Application 3 of the Menards Premium Lawn Care Program for a thick, green, lush lawn.


How to Apply:

• Follow the recommended setting for your spreader that is listed on the back of each bag. Lawn can be watered immediately after applying.
(It is not recommended to apply any fertilizer on extremely
dry lawns when the weather is unusually hot.)