50# Bag  265-1622


Maximum Strength Calcium Chloride Pellets


• Melts to -25 Degrees F

• Extremely Efficient De-icer, 90% pure Calcium Chloride

• Fast Acting - Works on Contact

• Melts More Ice, So you Use Less Product


VANQUISH Calcium Chloride Pellets are the Fastest Acting De-icing product on the Market.  VANQUISH is a versatile product that can be used on driveways, steps, walkways, and large parking lots.  By absorbing moisture from the surrounding air, VANQUISH Calcium Chloride Pellets dissolve quickly to form an ice melting brine, which is needed to lower the freezing point of water and cause de-icing.


The majority of competitive de-icing products only contain a small percentage of Calcium Chloride, or no Calcium Chloride at all, making them less effective de-icers.  VANQUISH also works to temperatures as low as -25 Degree F, which means it works when other products will not.  The pellet form allows for instant melting action and ease in spreading.


The advantages of VANQUISH don't stop there, VANQUISH can also be used for commercial applications around hospitals, municipal buildings, businesses, campuses, and commercial buildings.



Use rubber gloves, a scoop, or a spreader when applying VANQUISH calcium chloride pellets. Spread at the rate of 2-4 oz. (1/4 - 1/2 cup) per sq. yd. Remove slush and water to prevent penetration of porous areas and cracks in the concrete, as continual thawing and freezing action can cause damage to poor quality concrete. Do not place product directly on or near vegetation as overapplication can cause damage. Proper entrance matting is recommended in high foot traffic areas.  Overapplication may cause a slippery surface.